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07 Aug

How Much Electric Does An Average Chinese Household Consume?

As of now, China is still the most populated country in the world. With the entire country becoming more modernized with each passing year, the rate of energy consumption is likely to increase. Here are a few facts about energy usage in China.

Leads the world in energy usage
A little over a decade ago, China used about half the amount of energy as the United States. Today, China trumps all countries in regards to energy consumption. Continue Reading »

14 Jun

Power Consumption Of New Energy Users: A Comparison

Throughout the world, an energy crisis exists in which many countries are struggling to keep up with the increased demand for energy. Additionally, environmental concerns exist at the forefront of every energy debate. While no one can argue that more energy is needed to meet the demand of people who are becoming increasingly dependent upon technology, there still remains questions about how to increase the sustainability of our precious resources. To help answer these questions, one can Continue Reading »

27 Apr

A Greener Home to Live In

The fossil fuels of this world are finite and while it seems a tall order to get everyone in America to make some serious switches the alternative is to be blindsided by it all – when the alternatives are not longer alternatives. Here are some things you can do in your home to keep it green and clean and sustainable.

Home Security – Regardless of the energy standard, homeowners want to feel safe and lots of different security providers like, to name one example, now implement cost-cutting and energy efficient equipment load outs for the discerning customer.

Motion Lights – Leaving the lights on in one room for a few hours might not seem like that big of a waste but it can add up – especially if you live in a home with multiple children who do this kind of thing every day. Motion lights help cut back on this by only turning one when there are people present.

Water Gauges – Just as some families have problem with the lights, some people have problem with the water. Whether it’s leaving the faucet running or flushing the toilet too many times, water is something that can easily be wasted. Luckily there are water and pressure gauges that can help cut back on this.

21 Mar

What Will We Switch To When The Oil Runs Out?

Oil is not the only energy source available to us, it is just a very convenient source. We can move from oil to other sources. So, which one will we use? In reality, there is no one thing that will completely replace oil. There are, however, alternatives that can collectively fill our energy needs.
With the increase in numbers of electric vehicles, we have already started the transition from oil for transportation. No, the electric cars of today are not the answer, but your neighbor’s Volt is a start.Continue Reading »

19 Mar

Can Earth Afford Truly Global Electric Usage?

The current level of demand and consumption for power, as well as the trends of future growth that are associated with larger populations and more widespread industrialization, has called into question the long-term sustainability of the current and future levels of global energy usage. Conventional sources of fuel and power make use of non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels, creating excessive amounts of emissions and pollution in order to provide power. With the mounting severity of environmental issues related to our current levels of energy usage, finding new and cleaner alternatives to meet the demand of the 21st century Continue Reading »

15 Mar

What Will Be The Next Big Global Energy?

Around the world, governments are scrambling for alternative fuel sources to make their countries less reliant on oil from an unstable Persian Gulf region. Some are turning to solar power while others are focusing on wind energy. However, methane hydrate could give these renewable, alternative energy sources a run for their money.

Methane hydrate is a naturally occurring gas that is found beneath the ice in Alaska. The ice-like substance burns well when exposed to flame, Continue Reading »

12 Mar

How Much Must Oil Consumption Drop To Become Sustainable?

Questions regarding how much oil consumption must drop in order to reach more sustainable levels is a serious one, with many important economic and ecological ramifications. The fossil fuels that have been used as a conventional energy source for decades, in addition to being a non-renewable resource, are responsible for carbon emissions and other pollution that have caused great harm to the environment. Issues like climate change and peak-oil are serious problems, forcing many tough choices to be made as populations continue to grow and more Continue Reading »

09 Mar

How Much Oil Is Really Left on Earth?

The natural resource known as oil; it powers the majority of the mechanical devices in the modern world. Without oil, the entire world would basically come to a screeching stop. Oil is used to make gasoline and power heating furnaces. Oil is what protects the engine inside of a motor vehicle.

The question that people are asking is how much oil is left on the planet? Since oil is a fossil fuel, the planet has only a finite amount of it. Once all of the oil is consumed,, there will be none left on the planet.

To answer this question, many different studies have been performed. There is actually quite a large amount of statistical data, and this data is derived from a wide range of sources, which means it’s pretty hard to get an exact number.

In 2010, a review that was released by BP said that there were 1,333 billion barrels of oil left in the world, which is enough oil to sustain current operations for 40 years. As of 2013, the total amount of proved barrels of oil left on the planet is roughly 1,650 billion barrels. However, new oil reserves are being discovered every single day.

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